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New Card Game

 Apart from the unique way players are able to build a deck with 39 cards as well as a race that provides a verity of perks, you are also playing on a board where your monsters and structures automatically interact and fight... 

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Monster Shuffle New Update and more

We will soon be releasing a new content update for Monster shuffle containing a brand new character! We’re also working on...

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Hero Defender: Items

 Today we have released the first of 3 updates based around adding items to Hero Defender. Items can be equipped by your heroes to both increase their stats and give them special ability’s and affects...

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Hero Defender: More Content and other news

Over the past few weeks we have been releasing updates and content for hero defender and monster shuffle as well as working on a new project. We have introduced the Survival mode to Hero Defender as well as a new world along with a new enemy type and maps for skirmish mode...

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Hero Defender: New Content

With the last patch you are now able to play as the new Lord class, The Lord controls an army to defend himself and relies on passive damage to stop his enemies...

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